15% OFF for PMU Services

15% OFF for PMU service at Pop Lash & Brows Houston, TX 77063

Hey, y’all! Just wanted to give you a heads-up about an awesome deal happening at Pop Lash & Brows in Houston, TX for Labor Day! From August 15th to September 1st, they’re offering a fantastic 15% off for PMU services. Now, if you’re wondering what PMU is, it stands for Permanent Makeup. This means you can wake up every day with perfect brows or expertly lined eyes without having to constantly apply makeup. And who doesn’t want that? Whether you’re a busy mom looking to save time in your daily routine or just someone who loves the convenience of always looking on point, this offer is definitely worth checking out. So mark your calendars and head over to Pop Lash & Brows in Houston between August 15th and September 1st to take advantage of this fabulous Labor Day deal!

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