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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy followers name each other “hoopy froods,” from the in-universe time period for somebody who all the time is aware of the place his towel is, and is subsequently a extremely collectively (i.e. succesful) individual. In Marisha Pessl’s novel Night Film, followers of the cult film director Stanislas Cordova refer to themselves as “Cordovites”. Demigods, for followers of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and its spinoff The Heroes of Olympus. Dredd followers campaigning for a sequel have taken to calling themselves Dreddheads.

Sly Fox Hound, performs this straight, calling his fans “Homies”. Fans of The Creatures are often known as ‘Critters’ or ‘Creature Cats’. Most members of the group themselves avert this thinking it is silly to call fanbases.


The YouTube channel XHit Daily has the trainers discuss with the fans as “XHitters”. Although she used the time period to attack the fanbase, the fanbase has used it as a badge of honor thanks to Memetic Mutation. The Grumps have also referred to fans of a selected group or subculture as “X Grumps.” An instance is when Arin and Danny have been speaking about cheerleaders and they camwhores. tv point out “Cheerleader Grumps.” kNIGHTWING01 calls his fans Wingdings (after his namesake’s batarang analogue). lonelygirl15 fans, particularly those utilizing the official web site, are sometimes generally known as “lonelycrackers”, due to their addiction to the series.


This additionally applies to fans of the original comics, but, for reasons which should be obvious, not the Sylvester Stallone movie. Fandalorians, specifically for followers of Boba Fett and the Mandalorians in general. Hedheads ; in homage to RENT fans’ fan nickname, due to a secondary character’s love of Rent being a plot point within the movie. For video video games, if a given game has a Prestigious Player Title for the player character, the fan group nickname could also be based on that title. E.g players of Azur Lane are referred to as “Commanders” or “Shikikans”. If you ever want to alter or cancel your pledge, that’s fantastic too!

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Infinity Train followers began themselves “passengers” within days of the pilot’s premiere, with the show’s workers shortly acknowledging it as nicely. According to the cartoon’s subreddit, Regular Show followers call themselves “slackers.” “The Danny Phandom” or just “the Phandom” for Danny Phantom fans. Buster Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures calls the show’s fans “Toonsters”, or “Toonatics” in some episodes.


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“Heroes” and “It-Getters” are used as well, which have slightly completely different connotations. Unique in that every one these names got to the fans by Colbert within the first episode, and caught. Greenies is used for brand spanking new followers of the TMR franchise . Divergent has an interesting case in which the followers check with themselves by whichever faction within the books they determine themselves with. However, generally “Factionless” is used as a common term for all of them, based off the name of one of the fansites. “Afpers” for Discworld fans who’re on the Usenet group Discworld fans also generally call themselves “Loonies”, as a result of that is what Sir Terry known as them.


Internet-utilizing wrestling fans generally have been referred to as “the IWC”, or “Internet Wrestling Community”. As chosen in one of many very first episodes, “Stop Podcasting Yourself” followers are known as “bumpers.” The Mickey Mouse Club for fans of Mickey himself (in addition to the aforementioned “Mouseketeers”). Robot Skeleton Army, for fans of Craig Ferguson and his run on The Late Late Show. Gothamites has seemingly already been accepted because the name for followers of Gotham. Colbert Nation for fans of The Colbert Report. Stephen often refers to them as such, and it’s the show’s url as well (it was formerly a “fansite” created by the show’s writers)!

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Youtuber Drew Gooden refers to his followers because the “little stinkers”. Some fans of Brizzy Voices call themselves “BrizKids”, but Brizzy also coined her followers the “Brizzy Bat Family” on Twitch. Simply Nailogical followers are “holosexuals”, in reference to Cristine’s own obsession with holographic things. Tom Fawkes calls his followers “Tommunists” or collectively, “The Tommunist Party”.

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In no less than one other, he calls them “Tooniacs”. Klokateers are followers of Metalocalypse, which is also the In-Universe name for workers of Dethklok. The Gears has also become in style, after the track of the identical name and the brands given to Klokateers within the show. Dandom (Dan Vs.) There’s yet to be a widely-used name for the followers themselves, nonetheless. “Campers” is what the contestants were called in the first season, set in a derelict summer time camp, which is how the term became recognized with the show. Philip De Franco refers to his fans as “Beautiful Bastards” or “DeFranco Nation.” It generally shares this fandom name with followers of The Phantom of the Opera and Danny Phantom.

Pinball fans often call themselves “pinheads”, in type of a joking way. Jack Black calls his followers “Jables”, which is also certainly one of his nicknames. Railroad fanatics are referred to as “Railfans” in the US and “Train Spotters” within the UK. A derogatory time period utilized by precise railroad workers or railfans to describe the extra obsessive members of the group is “foamers” within the US and F.R.N.s in the UK. Often work at the side of the Helenaists, fans of actor Ralph Fiennes are often known as Fiennists, a self-dub which originated on Tumblr.

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